XPro Customer Login

At right is our customer login which allows our XPro customers to log into our Customer Portal. The Customer Portal contains real time updates of your project's workflow, pictures, build schedule, documents and much more.

If you have any questions or problems, please don't hesitate to contact us by using our contact page.



Examples of Customer Portal Pages

Below are pictures of what some of the Customer Portal pages provide for information. Through daily activities as entered by our Technicians and Project Manager, real-time tracking of our customers' projects are available 24/7. Items included are as follows:

  • Summary of Project including latest pictures, budget figures, What's Happening, weather and contact information;
  • To Do's – provided by the Project Manger for tasks;
  • Project Schedule – in a monthly format;
  • Daily Logs – a description of work performed by technicians and pictures/videos of what was accomplished;
  • Documents – a convenient place to view and download any documents for the project;
  • Videos – a single location for Videos of the project fully downloadable by the customer;
  • Photos – a single location for Photos of the project fully downloadable by the customer;
  • Messages – a central location for SMS and emails between XPro and our Customers;
  • Comments – the ability to see past and post comments by the Customer;
  • Change Orders – shows any changes from the original Estimate, for Customers to stay on top of financial obligations;
  • Selections, Warranty, Survey – these areas of the Portal are not used by XPro;
  • Invoices – view all invoices in a single, central location.

Our Customer Portal and Project Management software places XPro Aviation at the forefront of Experimental Builder Assistance facilities. By keeping our Customers more informed about their Project's progress and details of the activities we help assure you of having a superlative experience with XPro Aviation.

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