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XPro Aviation was formed to fill a need in the GA industry by combining extensive Composite fabrication experience with 3D CAD, printing and rapid prototyping (collectively Additive Manufacturing) to create truly unique Experimental Aircraft (read about our MENACE Turbine Legacy project below). Located in Arizona at Mesa Falcon Field Airport, XPro also specializes in turbine engine installations and conversions.

Our approach to Experimental Aircraft Builder Assistance utilizes the very latest technologies including state of the art Project

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Management Software. This software allows us to keep our customers informed in real-time of the project's progress through descriptions, pictures, videos, budget to actual comparisons, Gantt chart progress, and many other features. This is accessed through our Customer Portal and is updated daily by our staff, as the work is being completed.

In the months to come we will be announcing other projects we are developing including a safety enhancement for Lancair IV/IV-P/IV-PT aircraft and a Turbine-powered 4-place STOL aircraft. Keep checking back frequently as we'll be updating our website with more information.

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MENACE Turbine Lancair Legacy Project at XPro Aviation

So we've embarked on our "Signature Project" by converting the Lancair Legacy, N36XX into a fire-breathing, PT6A-42 (850hp) powered missile called MENACE. This process has many steps, but as is seen in the slides below, is simplified into a few major milestones. Comprehensive flight-testing will follow completion, and we thank Mike Patey for his inspiration and assistance in many ways. N36XX was used by Mike to set a transcontinental record and by Alan Crawford to win the Sport Class Silver race in 2017. Mike allowed us to 3D scan Turbulence and has numerous molds, machined parts and knowhow he is sharing with XPro Aviation. Stay tuned...

Our Promise

We pledge to our customers, vendors and friends alike, that we will do everything to make your XPro Aviation experience not only valuable, but  fun as well. Contact XPro Aviation and we will demonstrate our passion for aviation with the utmost integrity.